Slavery Tour | Petition

Petition to the New York City Council Time to Tell the Truth about New York City’s Involvement with Slavery and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

This petition was circulated by New York City high school students and other students in the New York metropolitan area. The students who circulated the petition and the signers request the formation of a special City Council Historical Commission to:

1. Identify and change the name of schools, streets, parks and public places in New York City named after slaveholders and slave traders. High Schools named after slaveholders and slave traders include Francis Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Peter Stuyvesant, and George Washington. Liverpool in England is in the process of changing the names of all public places honoring participants in the enslavement of millions of Africans.

2. Create a permanent museum on slavery in New York and on the city’s role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, as well as a monument celebrating Blacks and Whites who struggled to end slavery.

3. Place historical markers and organize walking tours on New York’s involvement with slavery and the slave trade and commemorating those who struggled to abolish slavery.

4. Implement the New York State mandate to teach about slavery and the slave trade as part of the social studies curriculum in 4th through 12th grades. There is currently no official curriculum or guidelines. We recommend the award winning New York and Slavery: Complicity and Resistance curriculum available from the New York State Council for the Social Studies at their website: