Slavery Tour

New York Slavery Walking Tour – June 2019

Slavery Walking Tour
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The tour will be led by African American History and United States History students from Law, Government and Community Service Magnet High School, Cambria Heights, Queens. All teachers are welcome to bring their classes for the FREE tour.

Other than at the colonial era African American Burial Ground, which was uncovered during excavations for a federal office building in 1991, these sites, and slavery in New York in general, have been erased from historical memory. There is not even an historical marker at the South Street Seaport in the financial district of Manhattan where enslaved Africans were traded in the 17th century and were illegal slaving expeditions were planned and financed up until the time of the American Civil War.

You may download a printable brochure about the tour by clicking Handout 2008.

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To read more about the tour, see the “New York and Slavery: Complicity and Resistance” curriculum guide available at:

For more information, contact Dr. Alan Singer, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Hofstra University, at 516-463-5853 or

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