Slavery Tour | Stop 4

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Stop 4A: St. Paul’s Chapel (Broadway between Vesey and Fulton)

The oldest church building in New York City. Built between 1764 and 1794. Enslaved Africans helped build the church but had to pray in a separate section and could not be buried in the cemetery.


Stop 4B: Hughson’s Tavern (Liberty and Trinity Streets)

The location of the tavern where enslaved Africans, free Blacks and White supporters are supposed to have plotted the 1741 Slave Conspiracy. White New Yorkers, afraid of another slave revolt, responded to rumors and unexplained fires with the arrest of 146 enslaved Africans, the execution of 35 Blacks and four Whites, and the transport to other colonies of 70 enslaved people. Historians continue to doubt whether a slave conspiracy ever existed.