Slavery Tour | Stop 6

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Stop 6A: Amistad Defense Committee (122 Pearl Street near Hanover Street)

Offices of silk merchants Lewis and Arthur Tappan, abolitionists who organized the defense committee to free enslaved Africans on the Amistad. The Tappans were among the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Society in December 1833. In 1834, it was attacked by a pro-slavery mob.

Stop 6B: Wall Street Slave Market (Wall and Water Streets)

A market for the sale and hire of enslaved Africans and Indians was established here at the Meal (Grain) Market in 1711 by the New York Common Council.

Stop 6C: Financier of the Slave Trade (55 South Street)

Moses Taylor was a sugar merchant and banker with offices at 55 South Street. Taylor became a member of the board of the City Bank in 1837, and served as its president from 1855 until his death in 1882. Taylor’s personal resources and role as business agent for the leading exporter of Cuban sugar to the United States was invaluable to grow of the institution now known as Citibank.